Vintage Truck Snapshots: A Few Mack Bs At Work

All of a sudden, ‘Miss Debbie’ has got me thinking of cool mornings by the road, as it sits idly in this rather serene looking shot. I believe I never got to see one of these beauties in the metal, as I lived in California. A stalwart of the East Coast, it remains a mythical beast for me; and a handsome one at that.

The Mack B series is one truck full of character, and the chrome surround on this ‘M&M’ one fits it just so. Admittedly, this is the first shot of the series that caught my attention; which may have something to do with my fondness for M & M’s.

For those who wish more than sweets, here’s a Frostways one, the refrigerated cargo company from Detroit. What could be in the cargo bay?

And I do cherish the old liveries on these trucks.


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