(Not So) Vintage Truck: 1978 FTF F-8.8.30 DS Dump Truck – Going Off The Beaten Track

1978 FTF F-8.8.30 DS dump truck

Sourced from the UK: the Motor Panels tilt cab and Kirkstall axles (all five). From the US: the frame rails, Detroit Diesel 6V-71N two-stroke engine and Fuller RTO 9513 transmission. Once everything was joined together, using in-house suspension components, truck maker FTF had created a monster of a straight truck, unheard of in Europe. Then again, no one could un-hear a Detroit Diesel anywhere else either.

This 10×4 dump truck was owned by a hauling company near my place, I immediately recognized the cab’s color scheme. It’s still name- and spotless though, with a temporary license plate behind the windshield. The high-quality photo must have been used in an FTF brochure or ad, 45 years ago.