Vintage Truck of the Day: GMC DFR8000 “Crackerbox” With Tiny Dual Exhaust Stacks And No Mufflers – Let That Jimmy Scream

I’m always drawn to old photos of GMC’s “Crackerbox” COE units, although I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because I rode in one once when hitchhiking and the deafening roar of the Detroit Diesel is what caused of my tinnitus? Or because I relate to its no-nonsense industrial looks? Or because I spent days researching and writing the only in-depth article on them on the web?

In this case, it was the the small-diameter twin exhaust stacks, which stand as testament that 8″ sewer pipe stacks are not actually necessary, as if we didn’t know that already. And then there’s the total lack of mufflers. Do you know how load a Screaming Jimmy is without any muffling at all. Come to think of it, maybe I did ride in this very truck. And as best as I can tell, it’s one of the early DFR8000 units with air ride and independent front suspension, which only came with the new 6V-71 DD diesel and not the 6-71 inline version. That explains the twin stacks.

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