VW QOTD: Do You Know When To Stop?


Do you know when to stop?
As the DougD VW Beetle project crawls toward the finish line, I have to ask myself this question again and again.  It may be just my particular personality (or personality disorder) but I am a sucker for the “if I do just a BIT more work here this will be SO much nicer” way of thinking, which inevitably leads me into a tightening spiral of OCD perfectionism and I make no measurable progress.  This has turned a repaint of my driver-quality VW into a six year adventure.

Case in point here, I got the carpets and floormat into the VW, then starting thinking that the gearshift lever, handbrake and pedal arms would look much better with fresh black paint.  I almost started prepping for the job before I asked myself “Do you know when to stop?” and decided that I could live with it.  Once I get the car on the road again, if I have a weekend with nothing to do I can just as easily do something about it later.

Do you fall into the same trap?  What would you have done?