CC Walk And Talk: No Quit In The Whit


If I were a gamblin’ man I’d reckon there are more articles here about, and pictures of, cars in the Whitaker neighborhood of Eugene than any other place.  I work in the Whit and travel around it often by foot, bike, and car, and the sights never cease.

To be fair, the first picture is from a car lot, but stay tuned and you’ll see just how CC rich this area is.  A block north of the lot and I found this:  (click pics for full size)


Old proto-SUVs aren’t that uncommon in Eugene. Here’s the grandaddy of them all, a Willys Jeep Wagon.


A Japanese take on the subject was just across the street.


With my zoom still fully enabled I saw this neat pairing on the next street.



The destination of this particular walk was a thrift store in search of shoes.  There was a sea of lamps and microwaves from the generous remodeling (or closing) hotel, but natch for mens size 10 1/2.  However, I did find a rather fitting (so to speak) shirt.



There was nothing else of interest at the store so I crossed River Road and found more CCs Darting about.


Rounded the next corner to head back to River Road and here they were again.


A rather odd pairing.  A Dead-head with a Corvette?



I headed back towards the studio via the Willamette River bike path, and I had to keep Dodging other gems.


And then two distinct blasts from my past.  My third car (and first stick) was a Krylon blue 76 Celica GT in 1995.



And possibly my favorite car ever, my loved and lamented 87 Integra. Can’t say for certain that this one is an 87, but it’s certainly a first-gen, and a fantastic car.


I was kind of hurrying back to the studio at this point but I couldn’t resist this pair.


I saw the second Toyota motorhome, a pop-up Chinook, a year or two ago and it had a For Sale sign with a price of $900.  No sign *cough* of it this time around.  I recall the interior of the canopy being in pretty sad shape, otherwise I would have inquired about it.



So that almost sums up my walk.  I neglected more cars than I shot, which is typical in this area.  Hell I couldn’t even get back into my studio without a whole ‘nother mess of CC’s.  This place is a hotbed of rotating CCs, and I have dozens of shots from the past two years for a further write up.  Stay tuned!