What If: 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Eagle – Could It Have Out-Mustanged The Mustang?

In jpcavanaugh’s CC on the 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk the other day, there was some discussion of how it could have been the first Pony Car, if the wheelbase had been shortened a bit. Well, that got me thinking. I shortened both the wheelbase behind the door and the rear deck. The result, as seen above, somehow reminds me of a 1956 Continental Mark II.

Here’s the original version, for comparison’s sake. I would assume the “regular” GT Hawk two-door hardtop would continue, so the new Hawk would need a new name. How about Gran Turismo Eagle? It would fit right in with the Hawk and Lark lines. Sadly, Studebaker – and Sherwood Egbert – were lucky to even get the GT Hawk off the ground, so there likely would not have been money to make a short wheelbase, short deck variant.

But since we’re dreaming, let’s say Studebaker managed to find a few million dollars in the sofa cushions in the board room. Wouldn’t a full lineup of Hawks, including this handsome sedan, have been cool? Too bad Studebaker went out of the car business, but thanks to Sherwood Egbert, at least they went down fighting.