What If: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Sport Suburban

Woody_wagon_cuda_01image: ebodies.blogspot.co.uk

I was recently trying to find pictures of 1970s Toyota woody wagons when, for some reason, this lovely aqua vision appeared in the search results. If Plymouth had added a Sport Suburban to the Barracuda line in 1970, hopefully it would have looked something like this. Quite simply, I loved it! It is part of Aaron Beck’s webpage of modified Mopar E-bodies.

75_cuda_01image: ebodies.blogspot.co.uk

I also rather liked his ’75 Barracuda, shown above and based off clay models done in Highland Park before the E-body was axed. This would have been a nice Brougham-free counterpart to the ’75 Cordoba, don’t you think? He has also done a “Bosozoku” ‘cuda, a Challenger hearse (yes, you heard correctly) and even a Barracuda sedan! If you like E-bodies even half as much as I do, Mr. Beck’s site is well worth a visit.