What If: 1980-81 Buick Skylark 225 And Limited Convertible

As we saw in yesterday’s ’81 Skylark CC, the new FWD X-body Buick, even when it was reliable as a daily driver, was nevertheless a bit stubby–maybe a little too stubby. After all, Buick automobiles had a rich history of being big and luxurious. What if GM had decided to make the Skylark more Buick-like from the get-go? There was already an Electra 225; how about a Skylark 225?

Here’s the original. As you can see, the proximity of the front wheel to the leading edge of the front door makes it look just a little too FWD-like, if you know what I mean. My X-LWB-Body fixes that issue, and also features a stretched nose, tail and C-pillar.

Not surprisingly, the result of my redesign looks a lot like the ’82 FWD Century, which was essentially a stretched X-body.

Just for fun, I also made a Skylark Riviera two-door hardtop. Maybe it could have two Ventiports on the sides for Iron Duke versions, and six for Skylarge models with the 2.8-liter V6?

Here’s a Skylark 225 Limited coupe, with a less drastic roofline. As Paul mentions in the comments, it rather looks like a FWD B-body that never was. It would have beat the H-body by five years.

But what if you like the Skylark’s tidy dimensions? In that case, might a Limited convertible be more your style?

Like the final B-body LeSabre convertibles, the Skylark would have a flush parade boot for a smooth look with the top down.

As long as we’re at it, how about a four-door version? The problem is, I’m not sure where the top mechanism would go, but it would have been just the thing for ticker tape parades during Gas Crisis II.

Clearly, a ’61 Continental it’s not.

In any case, the X-body ultimately contributed to the successful A-body FWD Century, many of which ply the roads around here to this day. If only the X-body could have been as reliable from the get-go…