What If: 1988 Dodge Shelby Dynasty GLS Wagon – ‘Goes Like Stink’

The long standing relationship between Carroll Shelby and Lee Iacocca was legendary. It started at Ford Motor Company, and followed Iaccoca to the Chrysler Corporation. The joint venture produced some of the most iconic performance cars of the 80s. The list included the Dodge Omni GLHS, the Dodge Shelby Lancer, the Shelby Dakota and the Shelby CSX-VNT, amongst others. The relationship gave Chrysler’s reputation for affordable and fast cars, a turbo-like boost. What if, Shelby turned his attention to the Dodge Dynasty?

Specifically creating an executive sport wagon using the 2.2 L DOHC turbo III rated at 224HP, as propulsion. I’ve created a hypothetical magazine advertisement for this Dodge Shelby Dynasty GLS wagon. Or the Dynasty that ‘Goes Like Stink’. I’ve included the ghost Dynasty in the sky, to show that this Photoshopped wagon’s bodywork is entirely based upon the original Dynasty sedan forward of the C pillar.  I’ve added thick bodyside molding, body colored B pillars, and early 80s Chrysler ‘pizza’ alloy wheels (as I like their style). The cargo area addition is deliberately very plain and K-Car like.

The result looks remarkably like the Volvo 850 estate wagon (or an especially large K-Car : ).  The resemblance between the Dynasty and the Volvo 850 forward of the C pillar is uncanny. Unfortunately, Chrysler really hurt the design by adding plenty of chrome and brougham extras. Along with that unfortunate GM-like formal C pillar.