What If: 2012 Checker Marathon

original image: autos.aol.com

With Checker Day yesterday, a comment by jpcavanaugh showing a current-gen xB taxi made me realize that they remind me quite a bit of a mini Checker. All it needs is a trunk. So I had to add one!

Here’s Paul’s xB for comparison. Aside from the obvious addition of the trunk, I also lengthened the wheelbase, moved the rear wheel back a bit, and enlarged the front bumper for better protection in the big city.

Here we have the original Marathon and the “new” one. Well, they’re both boxy! But there was also a long wheelbase limo version. What would a new version of that model would look like? Let’s lower the roofline and stretch it out…

Despite the stretch, I don’t know if the traditional Checker jump seats would fit. If nothing else, Toyota could make a really nice xB Brougham!