What If: 2012 Chevrolet Caprice Classic LS

Recently, I’ve read that the 2013 Impala is going to be a bigger and more upmarket car than the current version. It’s probably the way to go, but why stop with just an Impala? For me, the luxury Chevrolet has always been the Caprice, while the Impala was the sporty full-size.

My dad’s company car was conveniently parked outside, which I used as the basis for a possible new Caprice version. I lengthened the wheelbase, increased both the front and rear overhangs (for a V8 up front and more trunk space in the back), and added a narrow chrome molding to the sides. Leather and bench seats would be standard, while the Impala would have bucket seats, a console and monochromatic trim for those seeking sportiness. If something like this does come out, maybe GM can get back some of those former B-body customers who are all driving Avalons these days.