What If: 2014 Cadillac Seville

Ever since the ’70 Fleetwood Brougham CC, I’ve had Cadillacs on the brain. Well, actually, I almost always have Cadillacs on the brain…and Lincolns…and Volvos…but, I digress. The Seville had a good run from 1976-2004, and the replacement SLS was more or less its successor. But in which universe does “SLS” sound better than Seville? That name should be brought back, perhaps for the compelling example seen above, as posted by Casey at artandcolour.

Not only does his would-be 2014 Seville recall the fine lines of the original, but manages to do so without looking retro. I think luxury cars look so much better  with a notchback, squared-off roofline like this. There are far too many cars with a pseudo-fastback, melted clay design; I, for one, like boxy cars that still have a little style–and this one does.

But wait, there’s more. Besides fine quality and first-rate customer retention in the ’50s and ’60s, Cadillac also boasted some of the most stylish advertising this side of the Van and Fitz Pontiac ads (this example is from the LJ- and JPC-favorite 1962 model year). Not only could Cadillac bring back the Seville, they could also revive their classic, bejeweled ad campaign. Why not bring a little style back to advertising, too?