What If: 2014 Oldsmobiles – It’s A Good Feeling To Have An Olds

2014 Oldsmobile LSS

Writing about my grandfather’s Oldsmobile made me more than a little nostalgic for the brand. We’ve had several recent Oldsmobile CC’s here as well. It got me thinking about what Oldsmobiles could look like today, were they still in production. So I stated playing around with variations based on the Australian 2014 Holden Commodore. I think it’s a great-looking, competitive RWD sports sedan. Seen here is the high-performance 2014 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight LSS featuring the 6.0L V8 good for 495 horsepower. It’s the Oldsmobile of sports sedans.


2014 SS

Now as most of you know, we are getting a version of the upcoming Commodore, in the form of the 2014 Chevrolet SS. However much like the last version of the Commodore that North America received, the Pontiac G8, this is a performance-oriented model, and will be sold under a rather pedestrian brand. Maybe because of the recently departed Impala SS, it just screams sporty rental-car to me, nowhere near a menacing as the ’94-96 Impala SS. And I suspect most new SS’s sold will be with sterile, all-black interior and the same silver, black, or dark red available on every other Chevy.

Malibu red

I think Edward Snitkoff described it best in his post about the New York Auto Show in that it looks like another car already on sale in North America. With the Chevy, sorry “Chevrolet” bowtie, it does heavily resemble the current and previous generation Malibu, as well as the outgoing Impala, at least from the front. It’s missing that wow factor the Holden has.


There is a more ritzy and plush version of the Commodore, in the form of the high-end Calais model (and coincidentally, Calais was an Oldsmobile, as well as a Cadillac), but it is very unlikely North America will get it. I think an American Calais would make a good Buick. Electra maybe? But as Buick pushes the Lacrosse further upmarket, there really isn’t room for it in their lineup. Which is why I think it would make the perfect Oldsmobile.

So here you have it! Introducing the 2014 full-size Oldsmobiles:

2014 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency

(Quoting the 1976 full-size Oldsmobile brochure)

“Ninety-Eight Regency: the most comfortable and thoroughly luxurious car ever built by Oldsmobile.”

2014 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight dash

“Regency surrounds you with an atmosphere of luxury seldom surpassed, even in more expensive automobiles.”

2014 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight interior side

A sports sedan injected with luxury. “In room, ride, comfort and elegance, it is a most impressive automobile.”

 2014 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

“Imagine an Olds Ninety-Eight with a 70.6 cubic foot trunk – and then look at a Custom Cruiser.”

2014 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight

“Perhaps what you need is basically a full-size family car. Roomy. Solid. Good for the long haul – and reasonably priced. But – you’d also like some of the amenities of a luxury car. The elegant interior. The build quality. And that good feeling on the road… Thinking like that can lead you to the Eighty-Eight.”

2014 Oldsmobile duo

 “Oldsmobile buyers typically hold high standards – for themselves, and their cars.They’re achievers, whose accomplishments are usually substantial, whatever their age or profession. And those attracted to our full-size and luxury Oldsmobiles are looking for a car that offers the same kind of satisfactions they’ve earned in their own right.

Oldsmobile buyers are thoughtful shoppers, who shop for more than price alone. They look for quality. Careful workmanship. They expect comfort and luxury as part of an automobile’s value. They appreciate excellence, and the prestige that goes with it.

They find it all in an Oldsmobile. In fact, the more you shop around, the more likely you are to finally choose an Olds. It’s a good feeling to have an Olds around you.”