What If: 2014 Town Car Signature Series

2011LincolnTownCar (800x546) (2)

My Panther acquisition has put me in a Town Car state of mind as of late. Why in the world was the TC dropped, after so many decades of production? Why did Ford add such an historic nameplate to a liveried-up MKT? And where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Oh wait, forget that last bit…

As I was saying, a bigger Lincoln with more classic proportions would sit above the MKS in the lineup. Yes, the Panther’s time had come and gone, but why no new model, Ford? Casey at the artandcolourcars blog thought just that when creating this proposal. I like it very much, with more than a hint of 1956-57 Continental Mark II and shades of past Town Cars. So how about it FoMoCo? Let’s get this in the metal, toute de suite!

2011LincolnTownCar (800x546)

Casey’s take on the new TC (and lots of other intriguing What Ifs) can be read in its entirety at artandcolourcars.blogspot.com.

2000 Continental Town Car (800x498)

And since we’re talking would-be Town Cars, here’s my alternate proposal for the 2000 Town Car: The Continental Town Car Cartier Designer Edition. A special up-level version of the standard TC, the CTCCDE features center-hinged doors, whitewalls, full Cartier trim and the 5.4L Modular engine, in lieu of the 4.6. No options are available, as everything–EVERYTHING!–is standard.