What If: Alternate 1965 Full-Size Chevy Taillights – Plan B?

Back in June there was discussion on CC regarding the 1965 Impala’s unusual, yet distinctive, taillight treatment. Please know that I am solidly in favor of the existing design; that said, I still wonder how a different treatment would look. I present, for your viewing pleasure, a possible “Plan B.”

Here we have my modified ’65, painted in iconic (or is that ‘polarizing’?) Evening Orchid. It reminds me a bit of a 1963-65 Buick Riviera.

Here’s the original picture, taken from the brochure for the 1965 full-size Chevrolets. As you can see, I swapped the SS’s matte black panel for full-width taillights, and then moved the back-up lamps to the bumper. Maybe this could have been an SS-only feature?

How about a wagon version? Same treatment, different body style. I think it looks pretty good.

And here’s a more basic treatment for the Bel Air sedan, with black molding replacing chrome trim across the center. I imagine that the taillights on this budget-minded Chevy wouldn’t fully illuminate end-to-end.