What If: Crazy Cordobas That Never Were

Well, I went a little crazy on “what if” Montes recently. Time to give a fair shake to the Cordoba! Let’s take a tour of some absolutely impractical variants. Maybe this Cordoba Longboat Landau Brougham would have been produced if, instead of the 1973 gas crisis, oil fell to five cents a barrel. Don’t ask me to parallel park it though. Actually, it looks like something out of a Tex Avery cartoon.

Do you like long overhangs? Well here’s another one! I think this one is a Cordoba Aardvark Brougham. But hey, you can fit eight sets of golf clubs in the trunk, and the hood is so long, it has a small trunk up front too, just like a Porsche 914!

Here’s a more production ready 1978 four door hardtop. I also increased the hood just a bit, to even it out.

Live in the congested city but still want a cushy, Corinthian leather lined ride? Look no further than the Compacdoba Landau, with greatly reduced front and rear overhangs.

Here’s a 1975-77 generation four door hardtop. While it looks fairly production ready, I think the weather sealing of the windows could be a real bear to perfect. Well, that’s a problem for the engineers in Highland Park. They better get cracking!

This sedan looks an awful lot like a 1975-77 Lincoln Town Car. Let’s call it a LeDoba. It would fit in between the LeBaron sedan and Newport/NYB in Chrysler’s lineup.

Now this one I would consider a legitimate production ready successor, perhaps the 1980 Cordoba? It has a longer wheelbase but much shorter overhangs. I think this one turned out rather well.

How about a sporty Brougham? This Cordoba Rallye has a chopped top and overhangs and a souped-up 360 V8. And check out the 18″ whitewalls and wire wheel covers!

For commuting, or perhaps for seniors seeking something a little sporty in their gated community, how about this Micro Mini Doba, complete with targa top? It actually reminds me of the Broughamed-out Datsun 260Zs and 280ZXs of the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Last, but certainly not least, how about a Cordoba & Country? Not only does it feature nine passenger seating and fender skirts, but it also has TWO crown moldings and a total of FOUR opera lamps! You’ve arrived, baby!