What If: May I Present The Monte Malibu?

We have generated quite a bit of lively discussion recently on the 1974 and 1976 Malibu posts. Clearly there are quite a bit of opinions regarding the Malibu’s nose between 1974-77, and not all of it is complimentary. What if Chevrolet had added the front clip from their Broughamiest mid-size Brougham, the Monte Carlo? Let’s start off with the Monte Malibu Landau coupe, as seen above. Does it work?

Here we have the Monte Malibu sedan. By the way, I was limited in selection from oldcarbrochures.com because I needed a similar angle for merging two different cars into one. That’s also why they are black and white. They’d look really wonky in vertical two-tones. Maybe they do anyway.

Last but not least, we have the Monte Malibu Classic Brougham Estate, how’s that for a name? Could it have given the Vista Cruiser and Century Estate Wagon a run for their money? Who knows; anything went in the car business during the Great Brougham Epoch!