What If: Packard Twin Six Club Coupe – You Give Me Saturday Night Fever

“If I can’t have you, I don’t want no-body, Baby.”

Click on pic for a better viewof this Patrician’s purposeful poshness!

One of my older chops in which I bring back a long-dead car company, Packard. Virgil Exner created a series of revival cars in 1963 for Esquire magazine, including a new Stutz, Duesenberg, and Mercer among others. This is a link to a page I found googling, with good material about Ex’s revival cars:  http://www.madle.org/evival.htm

This is my contemporary top-shelf Packard, a supercharged V12 pillarless luxury coupe. Reviving the Club Coupe nomenclature, this coupe would be part of the Patrician line, a ‘senior’ Packard in classic parlance, and would be part of the broader twelve cylinder lineup known as the Twin Six. Twin Six refers back to Packard’s founding grandiose pre-WW1 days and it’s first twelve cylinder automobile. Bona-fide stars such as You Give Me Fever Peggy Lee, would flock to drive this newest incarnation of America’s finest car. Well, if she wasn’t dead and all. If you can find one, ask the man that owns one. Leno would own a special edition Big Dog Garage-built version with 700+hp.

Described as contemporary but not faddish, I’d say that it picks up from the large luxury coupes of the seventies, as if downsizing and fwd had never happened to the automotive world in the ’80s. The base photo was a last-gen CLK press photo, but not much of it remained, lol. I revived a lot of cues from various Packard periods, including the classic tall ‘oxen-yoke’ grille surround, forward-thrusting speartip on the beltline, the suggestion of 4 separate flowing fenders and the full length brushed aluminum rocker panels, so evocative of the last mid ’50s East Grand Boulevard Packard. I even made sure the wheel centers had tiny red hexagons on them, one of Packard’s oldest styling touches.
This is the car that would be polished slavishly and used for that special Saturday night grand entrance to an event you really didn’t want to attend . . . but you’d look, um, classic doing it. A supercharged V12 underfoot, sucking up Hybrids left and right, might swing the night your way. : )