What If: Pillarless 1976 Cadillac Coupes

After writing my recent post of the ’75 Fleetwood Brougham, a thought occurred to me. What if Zackman was in charge of GM in the mid-’70s and decreed that all fixed quarter windows be banished and replaced with pillarless styling? There actually was a Fleetwood coupe, but it did not appear until 1981. What would a ’76 model look like? With this burning question in mind, I went to work.

Rather nice, don’t you think? As with the 1975-76 Fleetwood Brougham sedan, I left the solid C-pillar alone, for added privacy and a distinctive look compared to the Coupe de Ville and Calais two-door.

But wait, there’s more! How about a pillarless Coupe de Ville? By utilizing the Sedan de Ville’s roofline, pillarless motoring could have been achieved without the added expense of a special roofline. The public probably wouldn’t have gone for it, with the popularity of A/C-equipped Caddies and the added rattles and NVH of the pillarless body style. Too bad.