What If: Seville Supreme Brougham

Let’s face it: GM decided to make a bunch of Seville clones with its 1980 Olds Cutlass and Buick Century sedans, and the LeMans and Malibu joined the fun in ’81 with the same formal C-pillar. While not absolutely identical to the ’75-’79 Cadillac Seville, they were very, very similar, and it was clear the General was copying from its own homework. So why stop there? As the saying goes, if you’re gonna rob, rob a bank, not a grocery store!

As you can see in this photo of the stock versions, the Cutlass’s nose is longer, its rear deck is shorter, and the wheelbase appears to be shorter, though all of the extra length on the Seville appears to be hood. My resulting Seville Supreme Brougham, shown at the top of the page, is even closer to the Caddy. But I forgot the longer hood!

There we are. Nothing like a little more hood and a little extra rear legroom when you’re paying for a Brougham, right? If the gen2 Seville had looked more like this, maybe Cadillac would have gotten more sales. Instead, they abandoned the smaller, Euro-style Seville, instead introducing the bustle-back version, which fell out of the Brougham tree and hit every branch on the way down. Of course, the “what-if” Seville would still have been riddled with the 4.1L V8 after 1981…