QOTD: What Would Be Your “Remastered” Vehicle Of Choice?

E3, the video game industry’s largest annual trade show, took place last week. This year’s show brought a whole bunch of interesting debuts and the official announcement that Final Fantasy VIII is getting remastered. Square Enix stunned gamers with remastered versions of VII, IX, X, and XII last year, simply for their existence but also because they released for all current gaming platforms, not just the Playstation 4. VIII wasn’t among the first cohort, and many speculated that its divisive reputation nixed any chances of it being updated. Turns out it just took the company a bit longer to complete than the others.

This got me thinking about what I’d like to see in remastered versions of old cars.

The key thing to understand about the remastered Final Fantasy games is that they’re not total reinventions of the originals. The Playstation era games are upgraded visually and some quality of life features were introduced, but otherwise they look and play exactly the same as they did twenty years ago. I’ll apply that same logic to the updated cars. No reinvention of their exterior designs, just some upgraded components.

My remastered Taurus would swap out the old powertrains for newer units. For traditions sake, the replacements could even have the same displacement as the original engines. The 2.5 liter four cylinder that’s currently in the Fusion could be the base engine, and it would be more than adequate to power the bull, as the 175 horsepower/torque figure outperforms the original iteration of the 3.0 liter Vulcan V6. And the optional engine could in fact be a V6 with a displacement of three liters, as Ford currently produces the EcoBoost 3.0 for multiple vehicles. I have no idea what horsepower a naturally aspirated variant of that engine would make, but anything over 220 would top the horsepower of the original SHO. I would also be fine with the 1.5 liter or 2.0 liter EcoBoost engines. And I guess any of these would be mated to Ford’s six speed automatic.

Is there anything else I would do? Maybe update the exterior and interior lights with LED units. And also incorporate a modern audio system into the build. Otherwise, that’s it.

And speaking of EcoBoost engines, how about a Fox body Mustang with one thrown in? There is apparently at least one Fox body running around with a 2.3 liter EcoBoost in it. But why stop there? Perhaps a 3.5 liter EcoBoost with the Raptor’s 450 horsepower and 510 Ib-ft of torque would work? Heck, even the smaller ones would make sense. And if turbos aren’t your thing, why not the 3.7 liter that was recently in the newer Mustangs?

I could also envision a Fiero with a modern powertrain. I like every variant of the Fiero, but my top pick would be a 1988 GT due to the suspension upgrades, so let’s start there. Ideally, something like a supercharged 3800 Series II would work, but that engine has been out of production for a while now. Perhaps the 2.0 liter “LTG” four cylinder turbo that’s in a number of current GM vehicles would suffice. Minimum output is about 250 horsepower and 260 Ib-ft of torque, figures that make it an adequate replacement for the 4.9 liter Cadillac V8 that seems to be the de facto engine swap option for Fiero owners.

Anyway, those are my desired “remastered” cars. What are yours?