What If: 1975 Packard Patrician (Again): Go Brougham or Go Home

Way back in the Ancient Times of Artificial Intelligence (four months ago) I posted my first article with AI-generated cars, a set of imaginary 1975 Packard Patricians. Since then, the technology has progressed rapidly, and my ability to cajole the Midjourney AI to create what I expect has also improved. Among other things, you can now count the number of headlights on one hand.


It’s a weird collaboration, where I’m writing the creative brief in the form of a prompt and the AI does the work. I ask for variations on the best images until I get one that I like. Sometimes I have to abandon a picture because the AI just won’t add the details that I need.


In a nitpicky way I kept reworking cars until they had turn signals that were plausibly visible from the front. So many pictures had cars with tiny side markers and that was it. But I felt that was a key detail to make these cars believable.


Of course, I’m only showing you the images of what I personally imagine a 1975 Packard would be in an alternate universe where Studebaker-Packard had money to stay in business and develop new platforms. That is, I think they’d commit, like their competitors, to the full-on Brougham Luxo-barge.


I also used reference images of early 1970’s luxury cars (for the basic shape) and late 1940’s Packards (for the grille). Sometimes this resulted in something compelling, and sometimes it resulted in an 1977 Olds 98 modified with a generic front clip for an Allstate insurance advertisement.


This one has an interesting rear end, like there was an earlier version with a sloping trunk and the rear “fins” were added to square up the shape.


I like the dedication to sheer bulk here. Sure, the front end is big, but we’re going to bulge these fenders forward to give the impression of maximum wright.


This is probably my favorite. Although it has a bit of a 1960’s feeling, I think it has a believably Packard face. It’s a little less Brougham and a little more refined. Stately. Classy. Add your own adjectives.


The car in this picture also has a 1960’s feel, partly because of the faded “film stock.” I used a Packard Predictor as one of the reference images, which also contributed to the shape of the grille. This car lacks proper side markers, but I had to include it because of that red thing in the background. What is it? Discuss.


A likely candidate. Impressively large, if a bit generic.


Those headlights? I don’t know. Shades of the Continental Mark VI. But otherwise it’s not bad.


I could probably tell someone this is a Mercury and they’d believe me.


This looks more like a warmed-over 1960’s body style from an imaginary Studebaker. I’ll pass.


Maybe in this alternate universe Studebaker was putting new front ends on LTD bodies? I’m no Ford expert, but that’s the impression it gives me.


No. The front-end reminds me of a 1975 Fury. Just… generic.


Let’s finish up with another one that seems to me to have a nice Packard face. The body-width grille still gives me a 1960’s feeling, but I think everything else is quite 1975.  Also, what’ the green thing in the background?