What If: 1980 Chrysler Cordoba Gran Coupé

Chrysler Cordoba 4-door 2

I may be among the minority here, but I find the second generation Chrysler Cordoba to be a beautiful car, even more so than the original. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, the 1980-1983 Cordoba never matched the success of its predecessor.

Cordoba original

Regardless, some toying around (extending the wheelbase and length slightly and reducing the length of the front doors) resulted in a rather appealing four-door package, much more so than the very generic looking LeBaron/New Yorker/New Yorker Fifth Avenue/Fifth Avenue M-body sedans. Given its usage today for a car of this type, I’ve decided to call it the Cordoba “Gran Coupé”. Yet the style of the vinyl roof is actually reminiscent of the 1960 Imperial LeBaron roofline, so had Chrysler produced this car, it’s plausible they would have called it the Cordoba LeBaron, just to confuse us all even more.

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