What If: Chopped Top Mark VI – Or, How To Make The Mark Sleeker Without Really Trying

OK you guys, I have tried, with little effect, to educate you on the merits of the 1980-83 Continental Mark VI. For instance, it is based upon the 1980-89 Town Car that everyone loves, that it got better than the 10-12 mpg of the lusher, larger Continental Mark V, that there were some snazzy Designer Editions, and so on. But it all comes down to its awkward proportions, doesn’t it. Okay! Okay, how about this: I took a couple brochure pictures, chopped the top, and…voila!

While I agree the VI wasn’t quite so unabashedly bold as the Mark IV or V, it was still a nice car, and comfortable. CAFE changed everything, and the VI was the result.

But I still like them a lot, even though they are the Mustang II of Lincoln Land. Like Rodney Dangerfield, no respect, no respect at all! And there you have it. A sleeker VI with more pleasing lines. There. Happy?! What’s that? Headroom? Bah! Just lower your Twin Comfort Lounge Seat and you’ll be fine…