What If: Chrysler LH Coupe? – “Last Hope” For The Mopar Personal Luxury Coupe

I’ve always been a fan of the first generation LH sedans, with their graceful curves and grandiose proportions. The LHS/New Yorker body was an especially striking design, combining futuristic looks with art deco influence. Chrysler hadn’t produced a full-size “personal luxury” coupe since the 1983 Cordoba/Imperial/Mirada, and given this body style’s ever weakening ROI, it’s easy to see why Chrysler never produced one. Still, the LH would have made a beautiful coupe, and this is my interpretation of what could have been.

lhs april 12

Compared to the original, I’ve elongated the front doors and removed the B-pillars, making this a true hardtop coupe. I’ve also shortened the car’s wheelbase for less limousine-like proportions, something that was common practice in Detroit for coupes, particularly Chrysler. Overall I’m very happy with how it came out. Now just for a name. LHC?… LHS-coupe?… Imperial?… Cordoba?… What do you think?