What If: Further Along the Equine (Mid)Journey

Most of my prior forays into creating images of real and imaginary cars using the Midjourney AI have come from Version 4 of the application. Version 5 is now in beta and there are definite improvements, from processing speed to much better rendering of hands. (Just do a Google image search for “Midjourney hands” to see the problem with V4).

An iconic car like the 1965 Mustang is something that that Midjourney V4 can render with a moderate amount of accuracy, but not without some issues. I’m no Mustang expert, but those symbols on the hood don’t spell FORD, and the horse on the grille just an odd blob of chrome. The six-legged horse does not approve.

Another V4 image has the same problems, and I suspect that those wheels are wrong. A rare horse/giraffe hybrid is keeping his distance.

Adding to the prior problems, V4 made the roofline a little too fast and added some 1966 bars to the scoops. The door handle seems to cover the door seam. The invisible horse next to the tree is unamused.

On to V5! The letters on the hood look like they spell FORD. The horse on the grille looks close enough to a proper one to me, and Midjourney seems to have learned the lesson, “don’t render a horse in a country scene if no one asked for it.” Those fog lights are far too inset, though.

V5 gave us a nice roofline. The scoops look good, as do the wheel covers. Well, the scoop on the driver’s side could be completely messed up and I wouldn’t know.

Another nice rendering by V5. I’m no Mustang expert so I’m sure the experts among you will point out what’s wrong, but this one would fool me.