What If: Luxury Pickups of the 1950s

(first posted 5/21/2017)     It is no secret that pickup trucks of today have deviated from their humble, utilitarian roots. Most modern pickups feature a smooth ride, four doors and all the expected luxury features of a sedan or SUV. But what if automakers had hopped on the the luxury truck bandwagon back in the 1950s? Here are a few examples of what could have been.

The Imperial at the top seems rather improbable but perhaps Studebaker and Packard could have thrown together some left over pieces in a bid to explore new market niches.

I could see a market for Buick truck. Equipped with a  straight eight under the hood it would have made for quite a gentleman’s hot rod.

The cab over engine model is perhaps a bit much however.

The Cadillac grill fits quite naturally on this 1957 Chevrolet truck.

Nash was not really a luxury nameplate but they could have got into the truck game as well.

A Chrysler truck with soon to be trendy quad headlamp configuration.


We cannot leave out fans of Ford Motor Company products. This Lincoln-ized pickup loads up on the chrome.

Any other fifties trucks you could imagine with a few extra luxury trimmings?