What If: 1959 Packard

I’ve got a big AI 1975 Studebaker Hawk in the works, but the technology has been improving so quickly that I’m also revisiting earlier efforts, particularly the 1975 Packard Patrician. I think the results are much more successful this time, and there will be an article on that soon.

But because I enjoy experimenting, I thought, “What if I ask the AI to imagine that Studebaker-Packard suddenly had an enormous budget to design an all-new *1959* Packard? And what if I used reference photos of the Packard Predictor concept car and other Packards in the hopes of getting something more Packard-y?”


The results were interesting. For the most part they seem appropriate to the era (with maybe more of a 1957-58 vibe). In most cases I struggle to see anything part curly evokes a Packard, but there are little hints.

The central grille/blade from the predictor is largely re-interpreted as a subtle chrome rib or a Pontiac-like split grille. This one reminds me of an Olds.


Even if they might not be Packards, they’re still fun imaginary cars. I’ve captioned the pictures with numbers to make it easier to discuss them in the comments.

I think this one actually has a decent interpretation of a Packard grille (and nicer than the 1958 catfish-mouth, in my opinion).


That’s just clumsy.


I can kind of see this as an interpretation of the Packard face.


There’s that Predictor blade.


Suddenly it’s 1957?


That’s a big badge.


That’s an interesting way to execute a hood dome. I don’t hate it.


Let’s emphasize the license plate as a central part of our design.


Strong Cadillac vibes.


Impressive fins on this one.


Oh, did you want more fin?


The way that character line in the door angle back is kind of awkward.


The hood dome kind of mimics the traditional Packard grille. I like how the chrome below the fin angles back.


Those headlight fins are a bit much, but the grille is otherwise interesting.


Some clever sculpting to make the fins look taller than they are (though they are still pretty tall).


Hood ornaments designed to impale pedestrians? Nice chrome accents on and below the fins.

I had fun making these, I hope you enjoyed them.