What Is It? The Generic Sedan – What’s The Least Readily Identifiable Car Out There?

[by pfsm/Peter Madsen]

Have you ever had it happen that you see a car that you just couldn’t identify? I’d think that it probably happens to all of us at some time or another.

(by pfsm/Pete Madsen)

This white sedan has been showing up in the neighborhood now and then, and after looking at it I realized I don’t know what it is. It’s old enough to have nice big windows and a low beltline. The six-window styling indicates that it’s not a bottom-line car, and it’s about the same size as the Saturn coupe in front of it. It’s not exactly loaded with trim though. That Dodge emblem should offer a clue. The lettering on the door is “1.8L 16 VALVE”. Suffice it to say that nondescript white sedans aren’t exactly big on my list of exciting cars, and this one is about as nondescript as they come.

Well? And what cars do you stumble on in identifying?