XJ Day Finale: A Cheromanche for the Whole Tribe – Crude And Slick Versions

Redneck DIY XJ Pickup Tahoma CA CC Crop

Way Hella West Shore

Since AMC never bothered to tool up an extended or double-cab version of the Comanche, a number of XJ lovers have taken up the challenge. This enterprising redneck on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe fired up the Sawzall and gave his XJ the Baja treatment. While the rear bulkhead is crude it provides a glimpse of what could have been.

[ED: And others have done a more complicated surgical procedure, marrying the front of a Cherokee with the Comanche back end:

jeep -comanche-quad-cab-700x525

This very slick Cheromanche was shown over at Hooniverse.  But at in earlier post here at CC on the Comanche, one of the commenters showed pictures and updated on the short-bed Cheromanche he’s building.

Jeep cheromanche

As you can see from this picture of Britt’s Cheromanche under construction, the frame rails from under the Comanche’s bed as well as the back section of its cab and floor are tied into the integral frame rails under the Cherokee body. Britt has kept us updated, and promises a full pictorial when it’s done.