Bus Stop Classic: 1970 DAF-Jonckheere


On the 1st of October I visited the 2016 DAF Museum Days in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Inspired by Jim Brophy’s numerous and excellent bus articles I decided to focus on the classic buses and coaches that day. Every year a number of these old -but still fit- people movers is used to transport the visitors from the DAF factory to the DAF Museum, and vice versa.

The first in the series is a 1970 DAF-Jonckheere coach, a Belgian body on a Dutch chassis. The Netherlands -and also Belgium- have a rich history of independent coachbuilders and bus manufacturers. A truck maker, like DAF, developed and built a complete, rolling bus chassis and one of the many bus manufacturers built the body.


One of those bus manufacturers was Jonckheere. The company from Roeselare, Belgium, was founded by Henri Jonckheere (1851-1910) in the year 1881. In 1994 the company was taken over by the Dutch Berkhof Group. Berkhof, another renowned name in this line of business. Only 4 years later the -also Dutch- VDL Group (the Van der Leegte family) took over the Berkhof Group. Since 2010 the bus builder is known as VDL Bus & Coach.


The Jonckheere body is mounted on a DAF SB 1602 rear engine bus chassis with a 6.05 m (19’10”) wheelbase. The other wheelbase choices for this chassis were 4.70 and 5.30 m.


The coach is powered by a DAF DS 575 turbocharged diesel engine. An inline-6 engine, 5.75 liter displacement, 165 (SAE) hp. The naturally aspirated DD 575 was DAF’s first own engine, yet fully based on the Leyland O.350 diesel. DAF started to build their own engines and rear axles in, respectively, 1957 and 1958.

The DS 575, introduced in 1959, was DAF’s first turbocharged diesel engine (Photo courtesy of DAF Trucks).


The overall length is 11.27 m (36’12”), width 2.50 m (8’2”). The DAF-Jonckheere weighs 8,840 kg (19,490 lbs) and its GVM is 14,000 kg (30,865 lbs). There are seats for 50 passengers.


And here’s the driver’s workplace. Look, a 2002 Ford Mondeo wagon is just passing by.



A light and airy interior, big windows all around.


The shiny metal objects, with a lid, are called ashtrays.


The fully adjustable air blowers/hair dryers.


As mentioned above, a Belgian body on a Dutch chassis. The coach is registered as a DAF SB1602DS605. The SB 1602 bus chassis with a DS 575 engine and a 605 cm wheelbase.


There it goes, a classic in motion, driving from the museum to the factory. Some more bus stories will follow.