Bus Stop Classic: Tokyo Disneyland Resort Cruiser Bus – Retro Disney…


I imagine most folks head off to Disneyland to do the typical tourist things; ride the various attractions, see some of the live shows and musicals, and take in the whole (pricey) Disney experience.  I’m perhaps an exception – my interest tends to gravitate towards the various mass transportation options the company provides to help guests navigate the park.  Here at Tokyo Disneyland, they have one that I believe is unique – the Cruiser Bus. 



Though I’ve only been to Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland, a little research turned up these motor coaches providing service at their respective Disney parks.  Upper left – Disneyland, upper right – Disney World, lower left –  Hong Kong Disneyland, and lower right – Disneyland Paris.  Nice, but nothing distinctive…



At Tokyo Disneyland, they’ve put a little more effort into their transportation options.  There are currently two different Cruiser bus designs in operation.  This is the more modern version; I guess you could call it ‘60s chic…



The other design, the one I prefer, is a little more retro – it has more of a ‘40s Art Deco vibe…


Both of these are replicas – a new body fitted over a modern chassis.  The donor is a Hino Rainbow – a mid-sized urban transit model with a longitudinal rear engine.


The Cruisers run a route from Disney’s several hotels to its various parks (Disneyland and DisneySea).


I could do without the big “Mickey” windows but other than that, I think they’re a nice addition – and they’re kept absolutely spotless; both inside and out.  Plus they have another unique quality that I’ve found in short supply at any Disney Theme Park – they’re free…