Bus Stop Classics: 1948 – 1959 Prevost Citadin Urban Transit Coach: Canadian City Dweller

I came across this picture and couldn’t quite make out what type of bus this was – but the back window design seemed rather unique.  After a little research, I was able to pin it down.  Glad I did because I had no idea this manufacturer produced this model – it’s a Prevost Citadin, a 1950’s urban transit bus from the company most famous for its premier line of intercity coaches.


1950 Prevost Intercity Coach

2017 Prevost X3-45

As we saw in an earlier post, Quebec-based Prevost has a rich transportation history. Beginning post-war, they have been very successful in producing a series of well-designed, well-built long-haul buses, right up to today.

What I didn’t know was that from 1949 until the late 1950’s, they also manufactured a city transit bus, the Citadin, which I’m sure our Franophone readers know is French for “Townsperson” or “City-Dweller”.

The Citadin came in 30 and 35 foot lengths, and was 96 inches wide. There wasn’t much information I could find on engines and transmissions, but imagine it came with powertrain options typical to North America in that era; Hercules, Waukesha, Fageol, International Harvester, Cummins, etc.  I’ll hazard a guess and say engine location was longitudinal, based on the rear engine opening.  In the picture above, you can just make out the air inlet scoop in the top/back, similar to that found on the Flxible Clipper.

A Suburban model was available also.

In the early 60’s, Prevost replaced the Citadin with this “New Look” type model, but by that point, GM had a production line going at its plant in London Ontario and was capturing most of the Canadian market.  Prevost decided to focus solely on its more profitable intercity coach models.

Fortunately, Prevost and the Toronto Transit Co. recovered and restored this mid-50’s model and it is now a part of TTC’s historical fleet.  Hopefully someone does the same for the one in the top photo…

And as I’m sure Paul can appreciate, this one has been modified as an RV/ motor home.