Bus Stop Classics: GM Old and New Look – Vintage Louisville Kentucky Buses

Louisville – home of the Kentucky Derby and the “Louisville Slugger” baseball bat…a beautiful city in a beautiful area.  Here are just a few pics of the city during its earlier vintage mass transit era.

A typical GM Old Look coach in a typical urban setting in the mid-‘60s.  This looks like a TDH 4512 model.  Most of these in the Midwest where I grew up seemed to always have a good coating of grime.

Another Old Look downtown in the late 60’s.   This coach is a TDH 4507, one of fifty purchased in 1948, with the last one being retired in 1974.  It’s crossing the corner of Fourth and Chestnut Streets.

A “Downtowner” – which ran a circular route within the downtown area in the 60’s.  This looks like a smaller (30 foot) TDH 3610, made from 1946-49 – the one in this pic would be twenty years old.

Here is one of Louisville’s new first-gen New Looks, as noted by the chrome strip (vs bullet) roof-side marker lights and six-piece windshield.

Several GM New Looks are waiting at the old Union Bus Depot that sits on the block now occupied by a Marriott hotel, on Jefferson and Liberty streets between Second and Third.

Louisville mostly preferred GM’s 35 foot New Look models rather than the longer 40 foot versions.  This looks like a TDH 4519, one of over 19K GM churned out from 1963-67.

In the 70’s, Lousiville’s purchased several Flxible Flexettes as a circulator between Fourth Street and the Medical Center.  Flxible would install whatever engine the operator desired but most left the old Southern Coach Manufacturing Alabama factory with Ford’s durable 300 cu in straight six.

Coach #1776 decked out in its Bicentennial livery.

Like many other cities, Louisville purchased AM General’s Metropolitan coach in the ’70s, and like most, regretted it.  They were built to be the lowest common bidder and not as rugged or robust as buses from other manufacturers.

If interested, more pics are available at the Transit Authority of River City’s Flicker site here.