Bus Stop Outtake: MCI 9 “Suncruiser” – The 47 Passenger Cabriolet

This unique vehicle certainly caught my attention when I was doing a little research recently for an upcoming MCI post.  The first thing that popped into my head was “where and when did the tornado happen?”

I’ve seen some UK double-decker buses with their roofs removed for use in the tour industry, but have never ran across one based on a North American model – until now.  This is a 1982-87 MCI 9 coach that has been shorn of its roof by an aftermarket firm in eastern Pennsylvania that specializes in unique, one-off buses. It’s called a “Suncrusier” and is a single model built as a demonstrator that has since been sold to a tour operator. The company’s website said another one is currently under construction, if you’re interested.

The firm assures potential customers that additional reinforcement has been added to provide equivalent structural integrity, but one has to wonder how rigid a vehicle of this length could be without all the overhead roof rails binding it together.

It’s an interesting modification. I’m not usually a fan of taking hacksaws and Dremel tools to buses, but if it gives it a new lease on life versus being sent to the crusher, I guess I can’t complain.  I do wonder though if sunscreen and ponchos come standard or are optional…