COAL: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 340 Formula S – Heading East

How time slips away…it has been almost ten years since this fish crossed the big pond. It’s still in my garage, ever ready for some action on those sunny days and evenings.

I’ve always kept a November 2010 photo file, compiled by our man in the US. If I recall correctly, he hailed from Nashville. Back then, he took many pictures of the shipping process. I thought it was about time to post some of them here, a highly appropriate place.

Barracuda 340 S ad - 2

This was the true starting point of Operation Barracuda. The original internet-ad from Greene’s Classic Cars, Lenoir City, TN. Sadly, owner Mr. David Greene passed away in 2013.

Barracuda 340 S - 3

Our man in the US found the car, did a thorough inspection and reported everything. He also took care of all the paperwork and the transport from Lenoir City to the Port of Charleston, SC.

Barracuda 340 S - 4

All set for the trip to Charleston.

Barracuda 340 S - 5

All body panels straight as an arrow, with a magnificent 2006 paint job.

Barracuda 340 S - 6

Mopar towing Mopar. The Dodge Magnum was sold here wearing a Chrysler outfit, called the 300C Touring.

Barracuda 340 S - 7

Barracuda 340 S - 8

Once in Charleston, the Barracuda was driven into a shipping container for the long journey to the Port of Rotterdam.

Barracuda 340 S - 9

Fast forward to December 2010, the arrival at the place of our man in the Netherlands, after a road trip from Rotterdam to Waalwijk, further down south. The car seems to fit perfectly on the tandem trailer with a full canopy.

Barracuda 340 S - 10

Barracuda 340 S - 11

Barracuda 340 S - 12

These pictures were taken shortly after the Plymouth got its Dutch registration and license plates, when it was still rumbling around in the Waalwijk area.

The sealed beams were replaced by Euro-spec headlamps (standard procedure) plus new ball joints (a bit too much wear on the old ones, according to the inspector). Other than that, everything was perfectly fine!

The Barracuda wears pre-1978 plates. In that year, our format changed to black letters and digits on a yellow background.

Some further, basic information:

Engine: Chrysler LA 340 V8 with a Carter AVS four-barrel carb, Chrysler electronic ignition. Transmission: TorqueFlite 727, the beefy three-speed automatic. Color: Saddle Bronze metallic (T7). If you want to know more, feel free to ask.

I only feed the lil’ beast with ethanol free, premium gasoline (octane rating RON 98). No complaints whatsoever.

For parts and advice we turn to these guys, a highly professional and experienced shop. A visit also gives us an excellent excuse to drool over their showroom inventory!

You can have your own inspection, if you wish. My brother made this video in the last week of 2010. How time slips away…

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