COAL: 2007 Ford Focus – There’s Pope for the Blue Oval

pope-francis-ford-focusPope Francis.

Recently, I wrote about my Ford Tempo COAL.

I thought it would be fitting to COALlate my Fords as automotive bookends. It seems every niggly thing that caused me to detest my Tempo has been redressed with my Focus.

The Ford Focus has become the world’s best selling automobile nameplate since its European introduction in 1998 and North American debut in 2000. In addition to the numerous automotive awards and accolades it’s attracted, it has had the heady honor of being habituated as a Popemobile®. *


*Littlest Known Fact: The Popemobile® monkiner, similar to the US president’s Air Force One tag, is a call sign that is automatically transferred to every vehicle the Holy See pontiff is wholly seen in. (Source)

Wishing. Popeing. Thinking. Praying.
Just some of the things that have been done in a Focus.
These dusty springfields are much more appealing than the cursing, kicking, swearing, and bitching that I’d done in my Tempo.


The CC effect.

My Focus is the first brand-new car I’ve ever purchased. I don’t recall the particulars on how I was pulled into the local dealership to look more closely at one and take an example out for a test drive. My previous negative experience with Fords had pretty much convinced me to never consider buying another one. I guess “pretty much” weighed in at 99%. The 1% had prevailed, so one day there I was, browsing and chatting with the salesperson.

The house we live in is serviced by a well. The capitulation that catapulted the deal was agreement the family would drink bottled water. So began our ritual of swapping out and refilling 5 gal. (19 l) containers for the home water cooler – a practice we still do today.

1991 buick

The ride I was contemplating trading was a 1991 Buick Regal, much like the one pictured here. It was a nice car, but not practical for transporting water jugs. They were too tall to put in the trunk with the lid closed and they couldn’t be laid on their side. I figured out a way to transport them in the back seat, secured with the seat belt, but the ingress and egress was proving regressive.

2007 was the last year for the Focus Wagon. The wagon was dropped from the lineup in 2008, much to the dismay of Canadian Ford dealers. The wagon represented a significant portion of Focus sales in Canada vs. the US, where wagon sales were a blip on the radar and would not be carried over with the ’08 restyling. Canadians love wagons, minivans, and apologizing for things. My salesperson was aware that the wagon would be dropped for the ’08 MY and apologized for that. Good for her. It was her fault!


I test drove a maroon SES wagon, which was an upgrade from the SE. I’d heard that “SES” stood for “Special Edition Specialer”, and though I couldn’t absolutely confirm that, it was indeed much more specialer than the pedestrian SE. Fog lamps with black surrounds. Ooooh. Black instrument cluster surround with gray-faced gauges. Ahhhh. My tester even had a sunroof! Life in the fair lane; surely make you lose your mind.
Are you with me so far?

It’s 2015 and that tester has been in my driveway for eight years. It has provided reliable service with no major mechanical issues. The body is in great shape with no rust. It has about 125,000 km’s on it now. I’ve seen ’07’s at 250,000 or even 300,000 km’s still running strong. It’s a nice feeling to know it will likely not have any problems, and will continue to provide worry-free (and payment-free) driving. My son has his learner’s permit and likes to drive it. He’s waiting for the papal blessing to adopt it as his own.

Focus and bike

My Focus. My bike.

I’ve wondered why I’ve kept this car as long as I have. There just has been no compelling reason to trade it in. I’m glad I chose the “specialer” package. The car has pretty much every option available, including heated leather seats. I’m sure the creature comforts have kept my eyes from straying.

Never Look Back

No looking back.