COAL: 2012 Ford F-150 – Pickup Truck For The Wife And A Project Hauler For Me

I am not a pickup person, at least not modern, super sized pickup sense. I do like classic trucks as well as the more tidy sized mini trucks of old from the Seventies to Nineties. But this purchase was not for me but rather for my wife who enjoys modern vehicles and Ford trucks. Her family has a bit of Ford truck history. But it also meant we could have a vehicle capable of towing.

For her it had to be a Ford which left the question of what engine to go with? We settled on the 5.0L V8 but why pick it over the Ecoboost V6? Well, my wife claimed at the time that she would like to hang onto this vehicle for the long term so I figured the greater cost of extra fuel burned by the V8 would be more than offset by the more expensive maintenance and repair of the blown V6. Did I have any numbers to back this up? No, but that was my gut feeling at the time. As a bonus the V8 sounds better. The 5.0-liter V8 of 2012 produces 360 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque which means it has plenty of power and easy enough to spin the tires with the traction control off.

The thing that struck me the most about this generation of F150 with the SuperCrew cab was the space in the back seat. It is practically a limousine like with more leg room than anyone outside of the tallest basketball star could ever need. It was quite the step up for our boys from the Mazda 2 which was getting rather tight when the whole family piled in.

The front seats were quite comfortable as well making it a rather decent road trip vehicle if you discount the cost of fuel. I can see why these have become the go-to family haulers in various places like Alberta and Texas.

Fuel consumption was not the truck’s strong suit. The tank was rather large with an impressive range but filling from empty could lighten one’s wallet considerably.

We had a hybrid camping trailer for a couple years that we hauled with the Ford. Overkill really but I had/have no interest in owning a giant camping trailer. It defeats the point of getting away for me. I searched our archives but apparently I took no photos it with the truck connected. I did manage to put the Ford to use a few other times towing a rented car hauler trailer which it excelled at. It barely even felt the big Pontiac back there.

Sadly one night on the way to buy some used winter tires for the truck I managed to smash into a deer that leapt across the road.

This is what happens when you hit a deer at 110km/h. Not my finest moment and I sure was not popular at home. Insurance fixed the F150 back to good as new. I think my wife never trusted it to be fully fixed as about a year later she traded it in for her current vehicle which does not have nearly the towing capacity. I still see the Ford around town from time to time so hopefully it is giving the new owners good service. I guess I will need to buy vehicles that can actually make it home under their own power for a while.

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