COAL:2001 Honda Civic – Short-Term Flipper

Here it is.  Yay.

After selling the beater Beetle, I spotted this thing for sale cheaply.  It was really cheap, and it looked OK aside from the rocker panels…an opportunity to make a few dollars.  So I bought it.

I got it home, and looked it over.  It worked good, and didn’t have a ton of kilometers on it.  I figured I’d fix it up and just pound around in it until I sold it.  It, like the 2005 Civic I owned previously, was not a terribly fun car to own, but was very good on gas, and reliable.  This car had a few issues to be addressed, though.

Not the Civic, but you get the idea.

Having a MIG welder is so handy.  A Hobart 135 model built by Miller, it’s given years of service, with the control board relays dying this past spring.  I picked up a set of premade rockers, and set out tacking them on.  They turned out OK, and with a coat of rocker guard and some black paint, you couldn’t tell the difference.  Anyhow, with the floor and rockers welded up, a new set of shocks on the back, and a decent set of tires, it was all set to go.  I set out driving to and from work.  With the fuel prices at $1.40 per litre of gas, it was much, much better than the F150 on fuel.

A stock photo from the Internet.  Mine was a stick with wind up windows and no tach.

Alas, it was no more fun or interesting than the 2005 I had.  It was also a step down from the Beetle – it didn’t handle as well, and the 1.7 lacked the wide power range that the 2.0 in the VW had.

Eventually, a young guy contacted me via the ad I’d posted on Kijiji, and he bought the car.  I made a few hundred dollars in the process, and was happy to sell the car.