COAL Update/Video Review: 2016 BMW 228i xDrive – BMW Does Still Make Good Cars Indeed

While hard to believe, it’s now been over one and a half years since I took delivery of my 2016 BMW 228i xDrive. I’m happy to report that it has been a pleasurable and trouble free ownership experience so far, and I still love my 2 Series as much as the first day I drove it. Nearing 20,000 miles on the clock, I thought it was an appropriate time to give a little update, along with this awesome professional review by my friend Tom on his YouTube channel, Tedward.

Now with plenty of miles of daily driving, I can confidently say that that 2 Series suits me well. Among the things about it I love are its size, its styling, its coupe bodystyle, its handling, and its comfortable and supportive front seats. It’s a really fun car to toss around, and the overall feel is about as close to an in-touch “back to basics” BMW driving experience as one can get.

I haven’t taken many long road trips in it, the longest being to the very tip of Cape Cod, and its only out-of-state journey I can recall was to Newport, RI, but whether back roads or highway, going to work or headed into the city for a night out, the 2 Series is an amazing daily driver. Its compact size and athletic proportions make it perfect for zipping in and out of traffic

In my year and a half of ownership so far, the 2 Series has never let me down. BMW’s xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system, coupled with its torque-vectoring Dynamic Performance Control and Dynamic Stability Control, gives the 228 superb all-weather capability, especially in snowy conditions. Compared with my previous all-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles and any all-wheel drive SUV of my mom’s I’ve driven, the 228 is the most confident in the snow, something helped by its compact size, rangy wheelbase, and 50/50 weight distribution.

Truthfully, there really isn’t very much that I don’t like about the 2 Series. Though adequate, I definitely wouldn’t complain about a little more power — something that could be easily solved by opting for the M240 next time around. The interior could benefit from a few higher end trimmings, and now I’m sounding bougie, but soft-close doors, something offered in BMW’s larger models would be a welcomed option as I often miscalculate how much effort is needed to pull shut its large and heavy coupe doors.

I’m seriously considering getting another when the lease on this one is up, should I need to directly replace it. As I mentioned a few months back in my article on my mother’s 2013 Mercedes GLK, we were getting a third household vehicle to share for the near future, a car we took delivery of two months ago, on December 23. That vehicle’s COAL article is in the works — I’ve been working on it the past few weeks and its currently about 50 percent done — but until then I’m keeping it under wraps to CC.

With mom now likely trading the GLK in for something new before the end of this year, and my lease on this up next summer, I’ll more than likely just fully assume the formerly shared car, and turn the 228 in at the end of its lease, effectively returning to a more normal one car per person household. But that’s down the line. What I can say now is that I’m very happy with my BMW 228i xDrive, and I’m glad to finally have a video of it to literally show some of the joy it gives me.


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