CC Global: 2013 Renault Trafic 2.0 dCi – Le Petit Camion

2013 Renault Trafic pickup - 1

Unlike the Renault Trafic panel van, the pickup version is as rare as hens’ teeth. The little truck looks a bit odd, like some handy man’s one-off project. Very well executed for sure, but still. Dimension- and weight-wise, the Trafic is comparable to the Mercedes-Benz Vito~Metris.

2013 Renault Trafic pickup - 2

Neatly parallel parked, owned by a landscaper. A second gen Trafic, powered by a 2.0 liter, 90 DIN-hp turbodiesel. The registered payload capacity is 1,095 kg (2,414 lbs), so it’s a genuine one-tons truck.

2013 Renault Trafic pickup - 3

The proven recipe, a fully flat truck bed with detachable dropsides. Bonus points for the storage box with a hinged lid, the ladder rack and -especially- the man powered hoist.

2022 Renault Trafic vans

2022 Renault Trafic interior

The current, third generation of the Renault Trafic was introduced in 2014. Recently, it got an upgraded interior with a new dashboard and a redesigned face.

2022 Nissan NV300 Combi

Nissan’s Renault Trafic is called the NV300. Here’s the new NV300 Combi with its revised facade. Presumably, the panel van will get this front too, soon enough.

2022 Mitsubishi Express

In New Zealand and Australia, the Trafic is marketed as the Mitsubishi Express.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, the same van was also offered by Opel and Vauxhall, called the Vivaro. PSA took over Opel~Vauxhall and soon after, the Vivaro moved over to PSA genes.

Fiat Talento panel van

Then along came Stellantis. Yet the contemporary Fiat Talento van is still very much based on the Renault Trafic. Now how long will that last? My bet is on a Renault/Nissan/Mercedes-Benz partnership for the development of an all new generation of mid-size commercial vans.