CC Global: 2017 WSI XXL Truck Show – Part One, Tractors And (A Few) Trucks

On May 6 I visited the WSI XXL Model and Truck Show in Ede, the Netherlands. WSI is a manufacturer of highly-detailed diecast truck models, and a large number of sublime and shiny 1/1 scale mastodons was also on display at the event.

So, today’s cars don’t come in real colors anymore? Then enjoy the upcoming rainbow rides, presented in three articles.

First of the tractors is this 2012 Scania R500 with a 15.6 liter V8.

2008 Scania conventional model by Vlastuin, also with the 500 hp 15.6 liter V8 engine. Since October 2005 Scania doesn’t offer their factory conventional T-model anymore, but the Dutch Vlastuin company still builds them.

2015 Volvo FH16 with a 550 hp 16.1 liter inline-6 engine. It has the classic late-seventies Volvo F-series Globetrotter color scheme, from white to dark blue.

1996 Scania R143 Streamline 8×2 truck with a roll-off system. We’ve seen a Scania in these colors before.

1977 Scania LBS 141 6×2 tractor.

141, so with a 14 liter V8.

2016 DAF XF 460, powered by the DAF/PACCAR 12.9 liter inline-6 engine, known as the MX-13 (PACCAR’s biggest own engine).

2015 Scania R520 with a 16.4 liter V8. I’m sure it sounds great. To my ears anyway.

2013 DAF XF 460. As many other tractors shown in this article it has a liftable and steerable pusher axle with single wheels.

2015 Volvo FH with Volvo’s 12.8 liter inline-6 engine. The cab has a low roof, quite rare in this segment these days. Obviously the tractor’s owner hauls manure for a living.

2015 DAF XF 510.

What a splendid and classy color scheme on this 2016 DAF XF 460.

2007 GINAF X4241S 8×4 truck with a roll-off system and a chassis-mounted crane behind the cab. Its 12 wheels will do for a maximum legal GVM of 41,000 kg (90,390 lbs). Now that’s a heavy-duty truck…

2016 Volvo FH, 12.8 liter engine.

When power meets beauty. Agreed. Another 2016 Volvo FH with the 12.8 liter power unit. A 6-cylinder with approximately 13 liter displacement has become the most common engine in this truck and tractor segment.

2007 DAF XF105, 460 hp 12.9 liter engine. A fine example of a typical trans-European long distance tractor unit, in which case the rig’s GVM is legally limited to 40,000 kg (88,185 lbs). A 400+ hp 4×2 tractor will do the job just fine.

The things you can do with the FWD Fiat Ducato! This 2010 Ducato with a 2.3 liter common rail turbodiesel is owned by Truckstar Magazine.

Brand new Volvo FH, 540 hp from its 12.8 liter engine.

2014 Scania R520. The Topline is the biggest -as in tallest- Scania cab.

1994 Scania T143 6×2, 450 hp.

2015 DAF XF 460. The DAF truck logo of yore, on the lower part of the door, is still popular among owners and drivers.

1996 Scania R143 Streamline 6×2.

2014 DAF XF 460 with the genuine, old school D A F capital letters on its front.

2015 Scania R580 Silver Cat.

1993 Scania R143 Streamline.

1979 Scania LB 141.

The last one for today is this 2012 DAF XF105 with a 460 hp 12.9 liter engine.

In part two we’ll have a look at the show’s Big Rigs. Both trucks with a trailer and tractors with a semi-trailer, the combinations as they roam the roads. Besides the Big Three (DAF, Scania and Volvo) we’ll also see a Mercedes-Benz and several MANs.