CC Global: 2023 King’s Day Hedel – Fair Use Of Sidewalks And Bike Paths

Van Leeuwen - 2017 Scania R450 truck

A typical April 27 King’s Day fair, as held in each and every Dutch small town, yet supplemented with a collection of modern trucks and old farm tractors. Let’s stroll down the main road through Hedel -one of those small towns- transformed into a pedestrian zone for the occasion.

First in line was a superbly 2016 Scania R490 6×2*4 truck, towing a GS end dump trailer from the same year.

Van Leeuwen - GS full trailer

Van Leeuwen - cargo doors GS trailer

Collecting manure that comes from these guys, that’s what it’s all about. Horse manure is a major raw material for mushroom cultivation.

Van Leeuwen - Scania R450 truck and GS full trailer

A full trailer with three axles, coupled to a straight truck with three axles, thus forming a 110,000 lbs big rig. Still a very common configuration in the Netherlands.

Bosch Hedel - 2014 Scania P450 truck - 1

Bosch Hedel - 2014 Scania P450 truck - 2

Bosch Hedel - 2014 Scania P450 truck - 3

2014 Scania P450 8×2*6 flatbed truck with a mighty HMF crane behind the cab and plenty of tool boxes.

IMS - 2011 MAN sweeper truck - 1

IMS - 2011 MAN sweeper truck - 2

Just outside the temporary pedestrian zone, idling and ready to go, this 2011 MAN TGM 18.340 sweeper truck.

Van der Wijst - 2017 Scania R450 tractor - 1

Van der Wijst - 2017 Scania R450 tractor - 2

2017 Scania R450 6×2/4 tractor.

Van Geffen - Volvo FH and DAF XG - 1

Two 4×2 tractors, owned by the same company, a 2020 Volvo FH and a 2023 DAF XG 450 FT.

Van Geffen - Volvo FH and DAF XG - 2

The DAF has a substantially longer tilt cab with a more slanted and rounded front. The truck maker took full advantage of the latest EU length regulations that went into effect on September 1, 2020.

DAF just kept on updating the former XF cab -its history goes back to 1987- until they knew exactly how those new regulations would work out and could be implemented in their new XF / XG / XG+ top models, introduced in June 2021. To this day, none of the competitors came up with an answer yet. DAF wins, big time.

Van Noord - 2022 DAF CF 300 FA

Over to the mid-size trucking segment with a 2022 DAF CF 300 FA curtainsider.

2022 DAF CF 300 FA and 2023 DAF XD 300 FA

How nice, senior and junior, side by side. The successor to the CF, the XD-series on the right, is all set and ready.

2023 DAF XD 300 FA - 1

2023 DAF XD 300 FA - 2

There you go, a brand new DAF XD 300 FA box truck.

Van Rijnsbergen - 2018 DAF LF 210 FA

The smallest DAF model is the LF, its cab is built by Renault. Here we have a 2018 DAF LF 210 FA curtainsider.

2021 MAN TGM fire truck

2021 MAN TGM 4×2 fire truck, same function as this one.

2022 Mercedes-Benz Actros fire truck - 1

Also working for the local fire department, a 2022 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2842 6×2*4 HAD (hydraulic auxiliary drive on the front axle) tanker truck. The tank capacity is 15,000 liters (3,963 US gallons).

2022 Mercedes-Benz Actros fire truck - 2

The tanker body was made by IFFS (Innovative Fire Fighting Solutions), the Ruberg company supplied the pump. Further info for the fire fighters: the maximum pump capacity at low pressure is 4,000 liters (1,057 US gallons) per minute.

And now we’re going up the country…

1965 Deutz D8005 farm tractor - 1

1965 Deutz D8005 farm tractor - 2

…with a 1965 Deutz D8005, for example. Luftgekühlt, na klar!

Ford 7000 and 7700 farm tractors

The Ford 7000 and 7700 brothers.

Case 930 Comfort King farm tractor - 1

Case 930 Comfort King farm tractor - 2

Magnificent, a 1965 Case 930 Comfort King.

Case 930 Comfort King farm tractor - 3

Meanwhile, the local BBQ seems to burn at full throttle.

Case 200 farm tractor

Downsizing with a Case 200.

1968 John Deere 1120 farm tractor

1968 John Deere 1120, 49 hp from its three-cylinder engine.

Zetor 5511 farm tractor

Made in the Czech Republic, a Zetor 5511. The model 5511 was offered from 1968 to 1972 and has a 3.1 liter, four-cylinder engine.

1954 Hanomag R16 farm tractor

1954 Hanomag R16. I’m old enough to remember that utterly basic, raincoat type of protection against the elements.

According to agribusiness legend, Hanomag made the best farm tractors ever. Quality- and durability-wise, it’s said they had no equal. Note there once was an unbelievable number of tractor manufacturers in post-war Germany. Or as an old farmer once told me, “almost every German village had its own tractor factory”.

SAME Aurora 45 farm tractor

Today’s last King’s Day Special, a SAME Aurora 45. SAME comes from Italy and stands for Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici, its history goes back to 1927. The 1971-1982 Aurora was powered by a three-cylinder, 2.7 liter engine. The number 45 needs no Google translate, it refers to the tractor’s hp-rating.

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