CC Global: Classics I See On The Way To Work

Leaving home at 6am recently on my way to work I found a beautiful Jaguar XJ6 series 1 SWB covered in dew on the Blouberg beachfront. Seeing classics is not difficult in Cape Town, so lets see what else I run into on my daily commute across the city.


Old XJ6’s are not uncommon here, but the perfect original condition of this one is unusual. Original hubcaps, wow!


I got thinking about this post when I dropped the above picture earlier this year at the Cohort, titled ‘on my way to work’ and Matthew with 2 Ts commented saying if only his commute looked that good. This Peugeot 206 is hardly a classic, but I love the lines. I am appreciating them more now than when they were new, and the cabriolet is really appealing.


After a few k’s I peel away from the sea to cross the peninsula. I travel up Koeberg Road, always a source of automotive entertainment. Love this Borgward Isabella, these were popular here when new and many are still around, some being used as daily drivers well into the ’90s. Although this business is auto related, this car was not for sale, and I guess the owner is just showing off his personal collection in the front of the store.


At the same location on a different day, a ’69 Mercury Cougar and the same ’60 Morris Minor. I love the early morning light when it is shining in the right direction..


Further down the road; same story here, my kind of car dealer, the ‘not for sale’ classics stand in the showroom and the late model car stock slums it outside. This Alfa Spider is one of my all time favourite cars.


Keeping with an Alfa theme, here is a lovely ’63 Guilia 1600 ti  seen on the way home. Cape Town traffic is really thick and unpredictable. I often adjust my route  to suit the conditions, and taking detours through the industrial areas I get to see beautiful metal like this. When I was a kid in the 60’s Alfas like this were really hot stuff, a bit like BMW is today.


Love the lines on this ’66 Barracuda, but they always seemed a bit underwheeled to me. Those hubcaps dont look correct to me, otherwise love how complete this car is.


In summer the sun goes down around 8pm so after work I have time to get in a couple of pictures. I love the roll bar, not quite sure what the owner of this VW CitiGolf has in mind.. this pic was taken about 5kms from Killarney race track, so maybe he is planning on hitting the track some time soon.


And lastly, as you can see from the morning sky this week, Winter is moving in. After Easter I will be travelling to work in the dark. Paul, this might interest you, the circa 1997 – 2004 Toyota Condor 3000D 4×4, a 3 litre diesel, super rugged and straightforward, created for developing markets in Indonesia from the Toyota Kijiang.