CC Global: Down At The Beach

Over the last few months my opportunities to see interesting cars have been limited to what I find on my weekend cycle rides around my neighborhood. Covid restrictions have damped my enthusiasm for driving around Cape Town, and it’s been a tiring scramble at work to just stay in the game. Nevertheless, I have some finds to share, let’s go!

This CI Explorer motorhome on a Mitsubishi L300 chassis is in incredibly good condition. It looks original and unrestored. I’m not sure of the year though the L300 generally lasted globally from ’79 to the mid, late ’80s. Info on local on-sale dates is very sketchy. Bloubergstrand is the name of the beach, translated from Afrikaans it literally means Blue Mountain Beach.

A badge on the back names Kennis Garages as the dealer. I looked them up, they have been in business for 52 years, and have an ’87 L300 WJ Companion motorhome for sale for R144 950, around USD 8785, white with black, yellow and orange stripes.. that’s from the ’80s alright!

Mmmm.. quick, name 5 things one can tow with a Chevy Spark? I see this coffee and ice cream vendor regularly, I’m sure he does brisk business. Exercising on the beachfront is a big thing currently. While wearing a mask outdoors is mandatory, we have a rule where, when exercising, we don’t have to if we keep 3 metres apart.

I’ve always thought the Spark well styled for its size, and it looks great with this wheel and colour combo. The grey box between car and trailer is the compressor, placed away from the car.

There is a thriving economy going on down at the beach, the guy in the orange vest is a car guard, Aunty Poppie is selling ice cream, and in the background guys are making and selling the bead and wire giraffes. The informal economy is a big deal in South Africa. We all have to hustle, as our formal economy is not a good jobs provider.

‘Tannie Poppie se roomys lorrie’ translates as Aunty Poppie’s ice cream lorry’, or truck. This is a 2.3 litre 5 cylinder model. Note the South African 5 cylinder models had deeper side windows. I was checking my spelling of roomys and I spotted something interesting. In front of the Volksiebus script on the back there are a pair of veldskoen shoes. Anyone know what that’s about? Any of you who are South African and over 40 will be able to answer me immediately.

The guy with the hat was showing his sand art, I feel terrible as I took a photo without giving a contribution as requested on the board. I only read the message when I got home. One of the downsides of trying to do cycling and photography at the same time is that sweat was streaming down my face, making wearing glasses pretty impossible, all while trying to stop my belly peeking out of my cycle shirt.. don’t worry, I’m much less self conscious than I used to be, it comes with age..

Oooh! A 1941 Chev I believe. I love it. The script on the bonnet says Master Deluxe. I’ve seen one other ’41 here in S.A..

The Chev and the Daihatsu Sirion are good colour mates in a sea of white and silver cars.

Hey! This Landy is perfect for a calm summer’s day. There wasn’t any wind this morning, a relief after the 50 KPH winds of last week, and a huge relief for the vendors as high winds equals no customers.

In case you are wondering, that is an oil rig above the Landy’s windscreen, just stopping by in Table Bay for provisions and repairs.

But Officer, I’m sure that roundabout wasn’t there last week! This Haval H1 ploughed through a roundabout and about 30m up a sand dune. Ouch! Maybe it had been stolen, as there wasn’t a soul around.

And here we have a lovely locally produced early ’70s 1600L Beetle. The wheels are the correct type, but not the finish, they should have the black and silver Rostyle look. These are both practical daily drivers and much loved classics here. We all grew up with a Beetle story!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride!