CC Global: Looking For Street Art In Cape Town – 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire, and More

The International Public Art Festival came to Cape Town early this year. I went down to Salt River, the suburb where it was all happening, and came across something special, a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire convertible.

The Starfire was the top sporty big Oldsmobile for 1962, available in convertible or 2 door hardtop only. This may be the only one in South Africa. They were not officially sold here, and anyone wanting a large American status symbol, and paying a high import tax, would have likely have gone for a Cadillac.


Ive seen this car around, it lives in the area, but I’ve never been able to get close. The owners run a car hire business which includes the ’56 Chrysler below, and I understand this car is part of the stable.


Seeing the car face to face I really like the styling. After some of GM’s overwrought late 50’s exercises this is clean and elegant. The side flash looks like a nightmare to align, but adds a fun sporty touch.


I found these cars grouped in the local sport ground parking lot. I love the chopper bike, in the early ’70’s that was THE bike for teenagers to have. No such trendy nonsense for me. My parents were oblivious to the needs of a 12 year old trying to to keep up with the Jones’s.


I’ve photographed the ’56 Chrysler before, can’t remember if I shared the pics; one of the standout details are opening quarter windows at the rear edge of the rear windows.


An awesome piece by Dekor_one. Salt River is a semi industrial and residential suburb very close to the city centre.


How these guys work on this scale is beyond me, snazzy crane.


And the finished piece, by Maye. Not sure if this image will show the vibrant colour of the original.


A piece by Kipper Millsap in a business yard. I stuck my arm through the motor gate to take the picture, constantly looking if a guard dog was going to take a chunk out of me. The things we do for CC.. The van is a Peugeot Partner I believe. French cars don’t sell that well here but do well in the small delivery van market.


I love buildings that look like faces. Conform, aka Wayne is a prolific local street artist.


A Toyota Tazz in front of Herstory, a piece still under construction. The Tazz was first sold here as the Toyota Conquest in 1988, as the 5 door version of the Corolla. In 1996 it was repositioned as the Conquest Tazz, to slot in below the new incoming Corolla, and was finally discontinued in 2006.



This Tazz front end looks a little modified by masking tape, they were going for the assymetrical look…


A while back William Stopford asked ‘what do young people drive in your area’, and the answer in South Africa is usually VW.


This is a VW Polo Vivo GT. When a new Polo is introduced here the previous one stays in production, is decontented to keep the price low, and is called Vivo, big business!


There are VW’s everywhere, I wasn’t specially seeking them out. This slightly dishevelled Polo GTI is parked in front of a work by Conform.


Old Beetles are all over, some get upgraded, this one just keeps going in original condition minus running boards.


…And this Jetta wasn’t going anywhere so Bona-Berlin just incorporated it into the artwork!


And this VW Caddy, parked next to much older art in neighbouring Woodstock, is being lived in I gather. People were moving around in the back.


I came across these guys doing an engine swap under a makeshift tarpaulin.


A Piece by Nardstar, unfortunately most Honda Ballades from this series have rusted away.


These kids were ‘helping Dad’ to mix paint for his new piece, see below.


I’ll go back later to see the final result. See the string taped to the wall, that is used to place paint lines.


Of course street art can be mobile too.. I bumped into this Kombi on the way home. Hope you enjoyed the tour.