CC Global: The Master Collection – FWD Only

Six Renault Masters - vans and trucks

Four panel vans and two box trucks for the delivery of car parts across the country, all orders are brought to you by FWD Renault Masters. Let’s zoom in on the 2018 truck on the left, parked alongside the warehouse.

Renault Master FWD box truck

Just like that. It’s powered by the 170 DIN-hp version of Renault’s 2.3 liter dCi engine. The logo on the sideguard rail says the body was made by Vermeulen Carrosserieën BV. Exactly the same configuration is also used by a Dutch supermarket chain for their grocery deliveries.

Renault Master FWD box truck - rear

Now to the rear side of an identical lowrider. The center cargo door can be opened separately. It’s a bit hard to see from this angle, but there’s a wide boarding step between the tail lights.

Any preschooler can step in and out of the cargo box effortlessly. A low floor, that’s a major advantage of this type of commercial vehicles. Never mind said preschooler doesn’t have a driver’s license.

Renault Master platform cab

Here’s the starting point, a factory (current model) Renault Master platform cab, strictly FWD. The underpinnings’ description is spot on, evidently.

Nissan Interstar

Nissan Interstar interior

As an aside, Nissan offers this Master clone, called the Interstar (previously known as the Nissan NV400).

For obvious reasons, Opel and Vauxhall have left this family of full-size vans and light trucks. Their Movano is now based on the Stellantis/Fiat Ducato-and-others bunch. Consequently, no RWD (with single or dual rear wheels) Movanos any longer.