CC Global: Views From A Dike Road – Cars, Trucks, Ships, And More

The main reason why I like to walk a dike road is the perfect view to the landscapes on both sides of the dike. The river and the river forelands on one side, the mainland on the other side. On a clear day you can see miles away.

My sharp truck spotting eye (remember the sound from the Six Million Dollar Man?) worked flawlessly, despite the not so clear day. But there were also some other things to zoom into.

Here’s the Brotherhood of MAN, a neat array of bulk haulers.

Heavy-duty Scania R-series 8×4 truck with a roll-off system. It frequently tows a lowbed trailer for hauling heavy machinery.

1999 Ford Ka. Ford’s A-segment hatchback and factory go-kart, introduced in 1996.

Classic Fendt farm tractor, working on the river forelands. Near the end of winter often flooded.

Volvo FM 4×2 tractor with semi-trailer at a furniture factory.

2008 Renault Premium tractor with a steerable and liftable (obviously) pusher axle, 450 hp from a 10.8 liter engine. It has delivered steel plates to the shipyard. It must have, since it says Statendam Steel Plates on the cab’s side.

A small flatbed truck & tractor, an EV, most likely built by Spijkstaal.

1970 Volkswagen Beetle. These things just won’t go away, they will probably stay here till the end of days.

Heading west.

Heading east.

And here’s where the two meet.

From left to right: a Renault Twingo, Toyota Corolla Verso, Toyota Yaris, Volkswagen Tiguan and Fiat Ducato. There’s a blue car behind the Fiat, but I can’t figure out what it is.

Work in progress with a 2008 Spierings SK498-AT4 mobile crane. Lower engine by DAF, upper engine by John Deere. With a ZF automatic transmission and a Steyr transfer case.

This video shows how the crane of a Spierings AT4 unfolds and folds up.

Both practical cars in their own segment; a 2010 Fiat Panda and a 2013 Audi A4 Avant 1.8 turbo.

Back in town. From this angle the G-Wagen (is the Jim Klein family already driving one?) looks rather compact. But only from this angle. Across the street another first gen Ford Ka. That’s all for today.