CC Outtake: 1969 Ford Econoline – Just The Thing to Have If You’re Going To Work On The Engine In The Rain Or On The Go

CC 121 039 800

We’re getting rain already, which is not what our Septembers are usually like. But if one has to work on one’s engine in the rain, this is hands-down the vehicle to have.

CC 121 038 800

For that matter, if you actually want to work on it while it’s being driven, or just like being friendly with your 302 V8, watching the throttle open and close as you accelerate, you just gotta have one of these.

The earlier style vans with the engine between the seats was a bit too crowded, and the later ones had the engine tucked up under the dash, but these Econolines had it just right. Well, that is, except for the poor passenger, who had almost no leg room, since the engine was located well right of the centerline.