CC Outtake: 1981 or 1982 Chevrolet LUV Diesel – A Survivor

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Old Japanese pickup trucks come to Eugene in order to find immortality. There’s folks here who will give these tough old workhorses the luv, care and feeding (biodiesel, in this case), so that they can stay productive members of society well beyond their expected lifespan. This Chevy LUV, otherwise known as an Isuzu Faster (or P’up), is perhaps the ultimate representative of the breed, as these Isuzu diesel engines seemingly won’t stop, ever. 

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We looked at its gen1 predecessor here recently, but that model was gas-engined only. With the arrival of the second generation for 1981, Isuzu also sent over their C223 2.2 L diesel four, which made 58 hp and 93 lb.ft. of torque, at 2,200 rpm. A veritable tractor engine, in other words.

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These Isuzu diesel trucks have been sought after for a long time, and there’s not exactly many left, but when the last one stops clattering, it will be…probably some time from now. As well as the end of an era.

The gen2 LUV was only sold here for two years, as in 1983 Chevy had its new S-10 compact truck. Without getting into a dissing fit, the S-10 was not built like the Isuzu. And the early S-10s have not endeared themselves into Eugene’s old pickup society. One has to earn membership in it.

Having been spurned by Chevy, Isuzu started selling the same truck in the US, labeled P’up.

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These are work trucks, pure and simple; the ideal rig for a gardener or such in a compact city like Eugene.

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Yes, those are “knee pads” that have been re-purposed as head rests. I might do the same in my truck, as that rear window is inches away from the back of my head. Nobody rear-end, me please!

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This truck has had some other customization, including new graphics on the hood. This was not a factory option.

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One of these old long-bed Japanese trucks would be perfect for me, except that the cabs are just a bit too cozy for me. That was one of the attractions of my F100; a roomy cab. But in the race to see which truck will last longer, this one or mine, I wouldn’t want to bet against the Isuzu. Of course, mine is fifteen years older.